My internet experience goes back to when I contacted my first Bulletin Board in 1989, and I began writing commercial web pages from about 1995.  Although I've never been known to turn down money(!), I get a lot of job satisfaction working with charities and voluntary support groups, writing CMS web sites for them for free.  (CMS - Content Management Systems - are Systems to Manage the Content of a web site, meaning that once a charity's web site is up-and-running, their personnel are then in full charge of adding and changing the content, no outside help needed.)
Much of the commercial work I've done is buried deep within company intranets and can't be shown, while some charities with an existing website wanted just an on-line database to help them run their organisation. Obviously, these last are confidential and, as such, can't be shown, but a couple of commercial sites and some more charity sites can be seen below.   (Some of the sites are, as intended, under the complete control of the domain owners, are still being populated by them, and thus should be considered Works-in-Progress.)

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